Cronin’s Forge Crafted Innovative Irish Iron Designs – Iron from the Fire

Nestled on the shores of Dunmanus Bay in West Cork, Cronin's Forge provides an extensive range of hand-made decorative and practical wrought iron products.

For 30 years the idyllic local landscape of the Sheep’s Head Peninsula has inspired the master smiths of Cronin’s Forge to design and produce some of the most distinctive iron work in Ireland. The business was started by Kevin Cronin and his wife Carmel, and the Forge is now run by Carmel and her son Brian, a fourth generation blacksmith.

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Cronin's Forge is part of a proud tradition of skill and innovation that stretches back over thousands of years to those times when people first began working with metals. Here in West Cork we continue the age old art of the blacksmith. Since each item is traditionally crafted by hand, all have an individuality and identity which is not found in mass produced goods.

To those traditional skills we bring an artistic flair and an eye for design that are reflected in our distinctive ranges of interior and exterior iron work. Our in-house products range from pokers to wine racks, from candle holders to glass-topped dining tables, from toasting forks to bookcases. Our bespoke work for individual clients encompasses gates, railings, spiral staircases, chairs and benches, garden features and weather vanes.


Visit us, talk to us. We’ll be happy to show you the range of craftsman-created iron work that we produce.
If it’s something special you would like made, we’ll be happy to work with you to produce something beautiful, stylish and unique.


Cronin's Forge has been included on the Irish Design 2015 app Design Island. More information and free download here
Cronin's Forge is also featured in the Failté Ireland publication 150 Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way, you can download a copy here

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